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The 2006 Schedule
for the 9th Kentucky

The Background Image on this page is a drawing of the Battle of Dug Gap, an actual 9th Kentucky battlefield. Here the 9th, and 1st Kentucky Cavalry held off an entire Federal Infantry Division until some of Patrick Cleburnes Infantry came up to their relief. The steep terrain aided the badly outnumbered defenders, approximately 800 cavalrymen versus 4500 of Geary's Union Infantry, but it was their stout hearts, the hot lead and the occasional stone they issued, that saved Johnston's army from being cut off in its retreat from Dalton.

        17th-18th Brigade Drill MAX EFFORT.
    Owingsville KY 9th Event. Small but hosted by the Richardson Family.         Town Raid, Drill, and trial ride Sunday
    Conner Prairie 9th MAX EFFORT
      Georgetown KY (Bring your blue suit if you can make it)

    7-9th Brandenburg KY 9th MAX EFFORT   
    Leota IN 9th event, living history, town raid. Small event but good town     support, deserves our attention
     Richmond KY Brigade MAX EFFORT some of the 9th will attend

    16th -17th Barbourville Ky MAX EFFORT
        more info at Battle of Barbourville Site

    Perryville National Event Brigade and 9th MAX EFFORT ++