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            Kentucky Cavalry Brigade Sites & Contacts
UNIT Contact
Web Site

Ninth Kentucky  Cavalry
Major Tod Lane
812 594 2437

The Ninth Kentucky Home page

First Kentucky Cavalry and
Horse Artillery Company B

Captain John McKibben

The 1st Kentucky Home Page

The Bluegrass Dragoons
(The Posse)

The Bluegrass Mountian Artillery;
Graceys Battery, Waters Al. Battery,
Lykins Tx.  Battery, Morgan's 2nd Ky Battery

Major Keith Karcher

The B.M.A. Homepage

The First Ohio Cavalry
Company D

Captain Steve Reincke

The First Ohio Web Page

 1st Kentucky Confederate Div.
8th KY Infantry
13th LA Zouaves

Captain June Fields

Under Construction

The Laurel Home Guards
Juanita Westerfield
The Laurel guard/ Camp Wildcat

The Lexington Rifles
2nd Kentucky Cavalry

Captain Allan Petrusky

The Lexington Rifles Home page

The 2nd Kentucky Infantry

The 2nd Kentucky Infantry Home page